Automatic Folding Doors

Folding doors are necessary when the full width of entrance is too narrow for sliding doors. They are simple to retrofit, and integrate well into existing entrances. Typical applications for the record FTA 20 can be found in restaurants in the passage to the pantry, for example, or from the kitchen to the dining area.

record FTA 20

Our folding doors and their variants use another design principle of automatic doors. If there is only limited space for door leaves to open in the passage area, which excludes the use of sliding doors, an automatic folding door provides a good solution.

Automatic folding doors with break-out function

The FTA 20 FBO is a folding door designed to have a break-out function to allow additional access for exit or entry in the case of an emergency. The record FTA 20 FBO can be used as an escape door in accordance with regulations when conditions require it.