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Sensors are vitally important for ensuring public safety and the intelligent operation of automatic doors. Sensors are designed to detect moving or stationary people in the opening paths and standing areas around doors and stay active even when the doors are in motion. Variable sensitivity adjustments allow sensors to be adjusted to be appropriately responsive for every application, including extreme weather conditions.

Microprocessors allow the constant monitoring of data to be fed back to motorised components and small adjustments made automatically to performance and operation.

Push Plates and Touchless Sensors can be hard wired or radio controlled and are available in a wide variety of finishes, sizes and profile choices. Switches may also be mounted to posts and rails for maximum convenience and accessibility.

Radio Controls are ideal for areas requiring longer-range signalling. Matching wave length receivers allows signals from multiple doors to be distinguished, and security settings can be easily changed.

record AIS 290

For secondary closing edge protection for applications in automatic en­trance and door systems, for wall, ceiling or flush installation

record RIC 290

The record RIC 290 sensor device uses radar and infrared technologies. It is equipped with both a combination of motion and presence detectors that trigger opening and closing operations with a high level of security and reliability. The device actively communicates with the door control, and recognizes persons in the passage area. A light curtain also prevents collisions with the door leaves.

record RC SWING

The record RC SWING safety sensor is directly mounted on one or both sides of swing door leaves, and functions as ride sensor. Its active infrared light curtain prevents collisions of the door leaf with persons or objects. Thanks to its slim design, it can be easily positioned on the door leaf.

record BDE-M

The record BDE-M mechanical control unit is equipped with a key-operated switch to set a range of operating modes. The key can be removed in any position.

record BDE-D

BDE-D (60 x 60 mm) with surface-mounted housing

The mode of operation is selected intuitively using the BDE-D electronic remote control; the display features text in the language of your choice. The convenient and user-friendly BDE-D remote control can also be used to set or modify application-specific door parameters such as opening and closing speeds, opening widths for reduced opening, duration of open times, etc.