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Automatic Telescopic Sliding Doors

Telescopic sliding doors are linear models with more than one door leaf per side. The inner door is connected to the outer via deflection rollers, and slides at twice the speed. This enables rapid opening in very wide passages. The record uk telescopic door is especially suitable where passageways are narrow but the widest possible passage is required to accommodate pedestrian traffic.

record TSA 20 Telescopic

Linear telescopic sliding door record TSA 20

Where an opening needs to be as wide as possible record's two or four leaf telescopic sliding doors provide an impressive alternative to sliding doors. In comparison with the traditional sliding door, they take up about 30 % less space thanks to their narrower leaves, and yet can cover especially large opening widths of up to 4000 mm. The maximum door weights range from 2 x 130 kg for single, and 4 x 90 kg for telescopic sliding doors on both sides. These telescopic doors use the same robust and extremely reliable record system 20 which fulfills 2006/42/EG industrial guidelines for machines, DIN 18650 as well as meeting all relevant national and international standards.