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Eeprom Defective

Parameter settings as well as history and maintenance information are permanently saved in the Eeprom. Faulty data has been discovered after restart or later on during continuous testing: 

  • Eeprom or door controller is defective 
  • An old software version has been installed (downgrade) which could not find compatible data in the Eeprom.
  • Numerous power failures or by-pass of the mains supply.
  • The error can only be eliminated by downloading the factory settings.  As a consequence, all the current settings get lost and the door controller must be configured again. To this end, execute the function Factory Settings with the  MFT key (9 pulses) or with the FPC902, and then carry out a restart within 10 seconds with EMERGENCY STOP or EMERGENCY OPENING.  If after this the menu for language selection appears on the BDE-D display, the function has been executed correctly.  Subsequently, configure the door controller again.