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Technical Support and Advice for Automatic Doors

Looking for technical advice on your automatic door?

We have a number of tools and videos to help answer any technical questions you may have.

Below you will find:

- Our BDE-D tool for diagnosing error codes on your remote control panel

- Our technical helpline for urgent queries

- Our Techie Top Tips which provide support and advice on our products

- Videos offering more in-depth information on our products

Record BDE-D Tool

   To access our BDE-D Tool click above

Speak to our Technical Managers

For urgent queries our technical managers Darren and Chris are on hand to answer any questions you may have!

If your door isn't running, you can't resolve an error using our BDE-D tool or you are an automatic door installer/servicer with a general query, don't hesitate to give them a call at the numbers shown under their pictures.

Do you have an error code on your BDE-D?

If you experiencing an error code on your BDE-D we have a tool to help you diagnose what the issue is and resolve it yourself!

For our BDE-D Tool click here.

Simply enter the code appearing on the screen to receive diagnostics, with methods to fix the problem.

/Record BDE-D Door controller

Techie Top Tips for Automatic Doors

For instant advice, information and tips on where and how to use our products, take a look at our Techie Top Tips page

Our Techie Top Tips page offers a range of videos and advice on all sorts of queries including

  • Functions of the BDE-D Electronic Controller
  • Disabling the radar on a RIC290
  • RC Swing DIP Switch Settings

Any many more...

Technical Training Videos for Automatic Doors

Record Direct has a range of technical videos about our automatic door operators and sensors offering more in-depth information.

To view these videos you must be a Record Direct customer and be signed into your website account, see Technical Videos. If you need to create a  website account click here.
 If you would like to become a Record Direct customer please contact your Regional Account Manager using our contact page

At Record our technical managers, Dave and Darren, are on hand to give you technical advice and support on all our products.  If you have any queries or issues please call 0330 912 2410 or email technical@recorduk.co.uk.