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Record Direct 12-Month Warranty Claim Process

While Record has incredibly reliable operators, occasionally things can go wrong. Please follow the stages below when making a warranty claim or download the policy here.

1.   Customer to contact one of our Technical Managers. Call:   

xxx Chris Downes (North) x 07714 499777
xxx Darren Lloyd (South)  07851 749105
      Please try to make contact whilst on site or when the problem is identified as quite often
      issues can be resolved over the phone.

2.   If the issue cannot be resolved at stage 1, please contact orders@recordukdirect.co.uk,
      inform us of the issue and faulty part and quote your original order number.

3.   Once stage 2 is complete, a warranty case number will be issued via email with two
      options (see below), please note that a case number will be required for both options.

4.   The warranty case paperwork is sent to the customer via email for the customer to then
      send it back along with the faulty item to the below address within 21 days. 

      Please ensure that the correct case document is attached to the correct item for ease of identification.

      Jack McLellan, Record Direct Unit D, 9 Watt Place, Hamilton International Park, Blantyre, G72 0AH

      Option 1 - A replacement will be sent out chargeable the same day and once the customer has sent the suspected part back and proves faulty, then a credit
      will be issued. If the part isn’t faulty, then the invoice stands, and the part will be sent back to the customer

      Option 2 - Customer sends the part back for testing and if proven faulty then a FOC replacement will be dispatched, if the part isn’t faulty then it will be
      returned to the customer.

5.   Once received, the part will be tested and the customer will be contacted and advised what the findings were and either a credit will be raised,
      a replacement sent out FOC, or a non-faulty part will be sent back to the customer and the case will be closed.

 Thank you for choosing Record Direct, we will always try our hardest to provide the best possible service to our valued customers