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Record Direct Warranties

While Record has incredibly reliable operators, occasionally things can go wrong.

If they do please see our warranty returns process below. All warranties are now being tracked and fulfilled by Steve Edge.

It is always best to speak to either Dave or Darren before claiming a warranty.

There are two options for our returns warranty:

1. The engineer reporting the faulty part must contact the technical team to obtain a warranty returns no. the faulty unit must be returned to Record Direct at the Hemel office. The case no and client details must be clearly identified on the faulty part. Once tested, if faulty a replacement will be sent out FOC. If no fault is found or it is outside of the warranty scope, the part will be returned.

2. If you are unable to return the faulty part immediately for any reason, then you must send a PO for a replacement stating the warranty case no on the PO. A replacement will be dispatched once the order is received. You then have 21 days to return the faulty component. Once the faulty part is received it will be tested and if faulty a credit will be raised. If the part is not faulty or is outside of the warranty scope the part will be returned and the invoice will stand.