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Provide Fast and Secure Access with our range of Security Products

Record provides security specification and security compliance support across all requirements. Speak to our Entrance Control Specialist Stephen Goodridge on 07771 870 511 or email stephen.goodridge@recorduk.co.uk.

We understand that many businesses and buildings can only operate safely when a high level of security is present at all time, and we have a number of solutions to ensure visitors are safe at all times.

For stadiums and leisure centres we have a range of speed gates and turnstiles, perfect for validating visitors who have memberships or tickets, while preventing intrusions such as wrong way exit.

Record Impression Speed Gate

The NEW Impression Speed Gate

Impress your visitors with flexible, elegant and sophisticated speed gates that not only look the part, but feature a modular design ensuring it can be installed in almost any entrance.

By housing the electronics in the centre of the gate barrier, their length and width can be fully customised to suit your needs, eliminating the need to compromise on your architectural design.

The Impression Speed Gate is a simple to install solution with state of the art security features, designed to prevent unauthorised access even in areas with a high volume of pedestrian traffic.

To read more about our latest product click here.

Vision Edge Speed Gate

The Record Vision Edge Speed Gate is a security access system enabling a fast and steady flow of people, with a slimmer profile for a more aesthetic design.

These security barriers provide effective performance in a small footprint, ideal for areas with limited space or a low-profile design such as government buildings, finance, banking, retail, transport and education. With a slimmer profile it can more easily integrate into any environment and takes up much less space, creating a more user-friendly experience.

The aesthetic bonuses of this security barrier are coupled with excellent security measures to ensure no unauthorised access to secure areas occurs.

Record Vision Edge Speed Gate

Record Vision Touch Speed Gate

Vision Touch Speed Gate

Quiet and smooth in operation, this Record Vision Touch Speed Gate is available in various finishes and dimensions, to suit individual needs and maintain the aesthetics of the surroundings.

This security barrier has various operating settings such as normally-close where individual verification allows pedestrians to pass through, or normally-open whereby the barriers only close when a breach, such as piggybacking, is detected.

The wide pedestal allows integration of most types of access control devices such as biometric and QR code readers.

Century 300/305 Full Height Speed Gate

The Record Century 300/305 Full Height Speed Gate provides eloquent and sophisticated security with their increased gate height to prevent intrusions. 

These security barriers provide effective performance in for areas such as government buildings, finance, banking, retail, transport and education.

Being easily integrated into current systems, these speed lanes will not impede on the practicality or design of current security entrances.

Record Century 300 305 Full Height Speed Gate

Maxima Full Height Turnstile

Maxima Full Height Security Turnstile

The Record Maxima Full Height Security Turnstile controls pedestrian flow and creates secure access to public areas and can function in extreme weather conditions such as the cold or heavy rain.

With an innovative design, the Record Maxima Full Height Security Turnstile has a host of security features and operating modes so suit individual requirements:

  • Anti-crawling barrier
  • Anti-pass back barrier
  • Anti-reverse rotation during transit
  • Self-centring to reset position
  • Action lock preventing two passengers at once

Durapod Tripod Turnstile

The Record Tripod Low Waist Security Turnstile controls pedestrian flow and prevents unauthorised access to sensitive areas.

Designed for smooth and silent operation, less wear and tear and reduced power consumption, these security turnstiles are suitable for areas where there is a large flow of people.

Record tripod turnstile

Record SGR100 Pass Gate office building

SGW 220 Pass Gate

The Record Speed Gate One is a motorised entrance gate for internal use to allowing access control and giving customer guidance in retail outlets, available in right hand, left hand or a double configuration

This security barrier provides a user-friendly solution granting easy access to those who are disabled or have limited mobility, as well as giving access to trolleys in supermarkets and other retail stores.

Are you eligible to install our Security Products?

All Record Direct customers can be eligible to sell this range of security products. The minimum criteria are:

  • 2 site references from previous Speed Gate/Turnstile installations
  • Engineers have completed Record training for the product to be installed (FREE)
  • ADSA BS EN 17352 training completed (recommended but not required)

Vision touch security speed gate pentagon centre

* Please note that for any Record Direct customer that wishes to gain experience in this product area, but feels they need more exposure first, we also offer a Supply & Install service where customers can send their engineers to get on the job training and experience of real-world installations.

Record Direct Farbborough Training Session

What do we offer?

  • Free training including training videos and tutorials
  • Free drawing service
  • Expert engineer on site for installations (chargeable)
  • Accompanied site visits for exceptional opportunities
  • Access to sales resources and sales team training (FREE)
  • Videos, datasheets and images
  • Free technical support (UK Based)

Protect your premises against Terrorism - Martyn’s Law

Are you aware of the new legislation deisgned to ensure ensure public premises and events are better prepared for, and protected from, terrorist attacks?

Click here to find out more about Martyn's Law.

Speak to your Regional Account Manager or our Security Specialist...

Record provide security specification and security compliance support across all requirements. From basic security applications to ultra high security door systems for financial, military and government applications, we can help. Speak to your Regional Account Manager or our Security Entrance Control Business Development Manager - Stephen Goodridge on 07771 870 511, or email stephen.goodridge@recorduk.co.uk