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When is a System 20 FEM0 Board Needed?

The FEM0 board is a supplementary I/O board used in conjunction with a  record System 20 processor

If a system 20 operator is being used with record's own can bus sensors - 
RIC 290 and  AIS 290, then a FEM0 board would not normally be
deemed necessary as the processor and sensors utilise can bus technology.

Uses of a FEM0 board

The main use of a FEM0 board is for connection of third party activation/ safety sensors. The FEM0 board will be needed to connect the activation
input of the sensors and possibly the safety input and monitoring circuits, using the programmable inputs. The FEMO converts the signals from the sensor to a data

  • If using a BDEM (record 4 position key switch) then this would connect to the FEM0 board
  • There are a further 2 programmable inputs and 1 programmable output which can be utilised for numerous functions. The same inputs and outputs are also available on the main processor.
  • record PHC can be connected directly to the FEM0 board. Third party PHC can be connected directly to the processor.
  • Otherwise a FEM0 board is not necessary.

Please note that the FEM0 board is only compatible with the STA20 and not the DFA 127.