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Automatic Sliding Door Operators

When style and first impressions count as well as reliability and functionality, record Direct has the right sliding door entrance for any requirement. Because we are trusted by well-known big brands, you know record Direct can deliver what you need. The most striking feature of the record Direct sliding door is the smoothness of operation, which is the result of our precision engineering and the matching of materials allowing all door movements to work harmoniously together. The record Direct sliding door comes in many variations and is an extremely versatile and dependable product. The drive operator (S 16 SU) can also be concealed below the flooring for an extra streamlined appearance.

Record STA 20 Automatic sliding Door Hotel Lobby

The Record STA20 Automatic Sliding Door provides a wider entrance solution with an elegant appearance & exceptional performance for higher traffic environments.

The well-proven, classic single and double-leaf sliding door systems are at the core of Record's product range and are suitable for almost any application.

record STA 22

The robust STA 22 automatic door is particularly suitable for special entrances and applications using heavy door leaves. Operator technology is particularly stable and reliable and has maintained its position successfully in the market for many years. The STA 22 automatic sliding door is the ideal solution for special heavy duty applications.

record system 20 - B8/Parameters explanations
record system 20 - B8/Parameters explanations

Parameters of record STA 20 explained.