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Record PROTECT IP 65 Sliding Door

For extreme weather conditions ... introducing the record PROTECT IP 65 Sliding Door

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The Record PROTECT IP65 sliding door system with IP65-encapsulated module, in which the operator, lock, battery and expansion module are housed in sealed steel enclosures.

By encapsulating key door drive components in these housings, a strong seal is created separating delicate electronics from outside elements.

This offers unique resistances to water, moisture and dust to prevent costly damage, which may occur in harsher environments. 

Increase weather resistances make the Record PROTECT IP65 sliding door suitable for entrances prone to testing conditions such as near the sea, on ships, in swimming pools or in spas.

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About the Record PROTECT IP 65 Sliding Door

The Record IP 65 Sliding Door is available as both a double leaf and single leaf to suit the needs of the entrance.

These doors come with various dimension options in width, support beam length, the height of the passage and the total height of the installation.

'IP 65' indicates the level of protection offered by these sliding doors:

  • IP stands for Ingress Protection and defines the degree of protection against the ingress of foreign bodies.
  • The number 6 indicates that this product is dust tight, while the 5 is water resistant up to low-pressure jets.

Benefits & Features of the Record PROTECT IP 65 Sliding Door

  • Protection against harsh elements preventing damage
  • Resistant to water, moisture & dust particles
  • Sizes can be suited to individual needs
  • Certified IP65 rated protection by an accredited lab
  • Suited to environments facing tougher weather conditions

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record provide specification and architect support services with the Record PROTECT IP 65 sliding door and our other range of automatic door systems.  Click here to visit our dedication specification support page and to discuss your requirements and queries with our UK Automatic Door Specification Manager.