Case Studies – Quadram Institute in Norwich

Case Study by Elite Entrance Systems, a record Diamond Partner

The Quadram Centre is a state-of-the-art food and health research and endoscopy centre that develops solutions to worldwide challenges in food-related disease and human health. 

The Brief

To shield the bi-parting swing doors for disabled access, which are installed at the main entrance. Whilst the swing doors overlook fields providing a scenic outlook they, unfortunately, don't protect the reception area from the weather, resulting in a cold, draughty environment for both staff and visitors.

The Solution

Elite Entrance Systems, designed and built an internal lobby to protect the main entrance from harsh winds and provide an ambient temperature at all times. Complete with an STA 20 Sliding Door to create a hassle-free opening and ensure the safe, efficient flow of large numbers of people, the reception area has now been transformed.

In order to avoid disruption to the Institute, Elite's engineers carried out the installation over one weekend, working from 8.00 -19.00 on both days - a total of just 22 hours to complete all works, including inductions, mains power run and fire-alarm re-routing.

Alan Hutchison, Director at Elite Entrance Systems commented "I am extremely proud of our team of engineers, they worked incredibly hard in awful weather conditions to produce a stunning lobby area with an STA 20 sliding door, which fits seamlessly into the overall look of the Institute and creates a warm and welcoming entrance into the reception area".

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