record STA 20 – automatic sliding door operator

The record STA 20 is the well-proven classic sliding door system at the very centre of record’s product range, and is suitable for almost any application. It is available as a double-leaf or single-leaf door set. The modular drive and profile systems guarantee a reliable and low-noise operation over long periods. The record system 20 is the first automatic door system featuring interactive communication, simplified commissioning, intuitive control and greatly enhanced operational safety and reliability. Depending on the customer’s requirements, narrow, standard or robust glass profiles are used for the glass doors, and all models can be equipped with escape route safety systems.

record STA 20  – automatic sliding door operator
STA 20 - record Automatic Sliding door Operator record STA 20  – automatic sliding door operator record STA 20  – automatic sliding door operator

Beautifully functional, crafted, reliable and adaptable

The record system 20 forms the basis of our automatic sliding door drives. It enables us to provide a wide range of models all of which use the same components, modified to suit the needs of the individual customer. The result is quicker assembly, high reliability and with lower service and maintenance costs. The operational status of the door system and its individual electronic components also continuously undergo plausibility checks. Thanks to its learning capacity, the potential of the unit to malfunction is reduced to a minimum.

All our STA 20 Automatic sliding door operators are supplied fully built and tested for a fast and reduced site installation.


Operators are offered in stock lengths :

  • 6000mm - Double Bi-parting Automatic sliding door operator 
  • 4700mm - Double Bi-parting Automatic sliding door operator 
  • 3000mm - Single  Automatic sliding door operator 

Bespoke Sizes and Finishes are also available upon request. 


  • exceptionally quiet running door
  • quality performance
  • the drive unit can be fitted to the lintel, freestanding or integrated in the
  • precision-made components and perfect matching of materials
  • interactive communication between components monitor and enhance
       performance, safety and security
  • self-learning processor with active automatic adjustment provides optimum
  • menu-led navigation
  • full diagnostics and programming capability  of door control
  • the record system 20 fulfils 2006 / 42 / EG industrial guidelines for machines, DIN 18650 and all other relevant standards
  • Doors up to 65 mm thick can be fitted 


  • drive unit heights available in either standard 108 mm, or optional 150 mm / 200 mm
  • heavy duty option available
  • breakout options for escape safety routes
  • both profiles and drive unit cover can be anodized or powder-coated
  • key operated switch with menu is also available
  • full breakout – Total Open Systems available
  • STA 22 systems available for larger and heavier doors - up to 400kg (2x200 kilos)
  • opening widths of 800 mm to 3000 mm available


RIC290 (threshold safety sensor) CAN BUS REC-290810174
AIS290 (side screen safety sensor CAN BUS REC -290810651
RIC290 GC (threshold sensor) - Flush Fit - CAN BUS REC-290808770
AIS290 GC (side screen sensor) - Flush Fit- CAN BUS REC -290810652
SSR-3/BL - Activation & Presence (monitored) GLB-206104
HR94D1-C1/BL - Presence (monitored) AUT-SEN-HR94D1S
WC/BL - Universal Weather Cover (HR100 / HR94) AUT-SEN-WC/BL
Morning Entry Keyswitch A126 Key GLB-508001
Slim Surface Housing (Stainless Steel) GLB-508103
Nylon Block Adjustable Floor Guide GLB-509202
Floor Guide Channel To Suit- Per Mtr GLB-509203
record Floor Guide REC-370046000
Hotron BP5 - 1 Photocells GLB-206301
4 Pos Key Switch (auto, closed, open, one way) GLB-508104